It was in June ’83 that we first conceived the idea of a round the world tour on Motorcycle. Roughly, we decided on a year as the time required for organizing the venture, and accordingly, set the date of departure in May ’84.

Considering we lived in Bhilai, a small city in central India without any access to required information, that we have really been able to give shape to a project of the nature and magnitude of our ‘World wide on Wheels 84-85’ in this short period of time was truly an achievement. The remarkable success has been possible only due to the major factor – the tremendous amount of support we have received, both moral and material, from all concerned. We approached innumerable people all over the country for guidance and help, and we always received a very encouraging and favourable response. And so to these big hearted people, who came forward magnanimously to support the cause of promotion of the spirit of adventure in Indian Youth, we shall ever be indebted, and to them we express our heart felt and sincere thanks.

We recognize and appreciate the importance of all assistance we have been favoured with, however big or small, and so we realize with regret our inability to include here the names of all those who have helped us.

First and foremost, however, to our parents and family. Without their understanding and co-operation, this project would not have been impossible.

We take this opportunity to thank Steel Authority of India Ltd. and the Management of the Bhilai Steel Plant for encouraging and supporting our venture all the way and extending to us every conceivable facility and assistance.

We are grateful to the Bhilai Adventures’ Club for giving recognition to our project in its infancy, and nursing its growth at every stage.

Our thanks to Department of Sports, Government of India, for giving clearance to our venture and also to the External Affairs Ministry and Ministry of Finance, Government of India for their whole hearted co-operation.

We owe our gratitude to the Jaycees, Lions and Rotary International Clubs of Bhilai and Giants International, Bombay, Indian Mountaineering Foundation, N. Delhi and the Explorer’s Club of India, Calcutta and also the Indian Red Cross Society, for actively participating in and sponsoring our venture in a big way.

We are also extremely grateful to the following companies for their substantial contribution, financial or otherwise, towards our venture –
Air India MECON Khandelwal Ferro Alloys Ltd.
The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. Ganon Dunkerley & Co. Nissho Iwai Corporation.
The Tata Iron & Steel Co. Voest – Alpine Dunlop India Ltd.
Cemindia Co. Ltd. WMI Cranes Ltd. Berger Paints
Hilton Rubbers Associated Cement Co. Ltd.
Our Sincere thanks to all advertisers in the Sovenir we published. We are also very thankful to the Hon’ble Vice-President of India, Sri Hidayatullah, Hon’ble Union Minister of Steel & Mines, Sri N.K.P. Salve, Hon’ble Governer of Madhya Pradesh, Sri B.D. Sharma, Hon’ble Governer of Karnataka, Sri A.N. Banerji and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N.T. Rama Rao, our esteemed Chairman, SAIL, Sri S. Samarapungvan and our Managing Director, Bhilai Steel Plant, Sri N.K. Mitra, and also Sri Vidyacharan Shukla, M.P., Mr. Prabhu Ghate, Addl. Director General, Ministry of Tourism and Sri S.P. Dubey, Collector, Durg for their blessings and encouragement, which has been a source of profound inspiration for us.

Finally, our thanks to our colleagues of the Bhilai Steel plant who have readily gone out of their way to help us, and to our friends who have shared with us our moments of elation and despair, our success and failures, while organizing the ‘World Wide on wheels 1984-85’.

People who helped us in planning & organising the tour
Then in 1984 - 1985
Mr. Nimai Kumar Mitra Managing Director, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai
Mr. S.R.Ramakrishna General Manager (Works) Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai
Mr. R.V.Shankarraman Secretary Bhilai Adventurers’ Club, Bhilai
Mr. Prakash Bhatia General Manager – Projects, Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai
Mr. V.M.S Namboodri Chief Industrial Engineer, Bhilai Steel Plant, Sunil's Head of the Department
Mr. B.G Choudhary Guha's Head of the Department
Mr. L.D.Thawani Sunil's Uncle
Mr. Ramesh Khanchandani Sunil's Uncle
Mr. K.C.Khanna Ex Chairman, Steel Authority of India
Mr. E.R.C.Shekhar Ex. Managing Director, Bhilai Steel Plant
Mr. G.K. Mehta General Manager, Bhilai Steel Plant
Mr. P.R. Ahuja Ex-General Manager, Bhilai Steel Plant
Mr. Balram Singh Dy. Director, Steel Authority of India Ltd.
Rakesh Asthana Friends of Sunil & Anirudha Guha
Satnam Singh
C.K. Rajan
Alok Kumar
Ashish Dutta
N. Sundar
Worldwide On Wheels