Agra, 1 day before completing tour with Mohnanis
Bhilai, After return with Lipi Guha
Bhilai, After completion with K.R Sangameswaran
Bhilai, Flag Off Ramakrishna & NK Mitra
Bombay, on return with Khanchandanis
Bombay, on return with Tekchandanis
Delhi, Completion of Tour
Delhi, Completion of tour, SAIL Head Office
Delhi, Flag off from SAIL HO
Delhi, Flag off leaving SAIL Head Office
Delhi, Flag off with then Union Minister Mr. N.K.P Salve
Delhi, Honoured by Guru Shanti Prakash
Delhi,with Rajiv Gandhi PM of India
Delhi, with Mr.Vasant Sathe Minister of Steel
Madras, Chola Sheraton
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