India Delhi   8th May 1984
Flag off Mr. N.K.P.Salve, Hon’ble Steel Minister from SAIL head office, Ispat Bhawan, Delhi
  Gwalior 8th May 1984 9th May 1984  
Lakhnadoan 9th May 1984 10th May 1984  
Bhilai 10th May 1984 18th May 1984 Flag off Mr. S.R.Ramakrishna & Mr. Nimai Kumar Mitra, GM & MD, Bhilai Steel Plant Ispat Bhawan, Bhilai
Amravati 18th May 1984 19th May 1984  
Arvi 19th May 1984 20th May 1984 Bhiwandi riots
Bombay 20th May 1984 29th May 1984 By Sea – M.V. Vishwamohini of Shipping Corporation of India
Egypt Port Said Sea Port 8th June 1984 8th June 1984  
  Cairo 8th June 1984 11th June 1984  
Alexandria 11th June 1984 12th June 1984 By Sea Ferry – “ O Elytis”
Paid USD 235 including for Bike
Fine for not having Arabic number plate for bike
Greece Patras Sea Port 14th June 1984 15th June 1984  
  Tripolis 15th June 1984 16th June 1984 Olympia, Mycanae
Athens 16th June 1984 19th June 1984  
Delphi 19th June 1984 20th June 1984  
Patras 20th June 1984 20th June 1984 By Sea – Luxury liner “ Georgios” .
Paid USD 63 including for Bike
Met Niny & Willem. Hosts in Holland
Italy Brindisi Sea Port 21st June 1984 21st June 1984 Bike insurance had to pay very high premium
  Taranto 21st June 1984 22nd June 1984  
Rome & Vatican 22nd June 1984 26th June 1984
Blessed by Pope on 24th June’84
Florence (Firenze) 26th June 1984 29th June 1984 Pisa
Stayed at Indo Italian Yoga Centre arranged by Indian Ambassador Mr. Ajmani.
Stayed in 300 year old house
Venice 29th June 1984 1st July 1984 Stayed at Indo Italian Yoga Centre arranged by President of Yoga center.
Austria Leoben 1st July 1984 2nd July 1984 Camped in Tent in compound of a family
  Vienna 2nd July 1984 5th July 1984
N.K.P.Salve visiting on 12th July’84
Linz & Salzburg 5th July 1984 8th July 1984  
Germany (West) Gerestried (Near Munich) 8th July 1984 9th July 1984  
  Ditzingen (Near Stuttgart) 9th July 1984 11th July 1984  
Frankfurt 11th July 1984 14th July 1984 Encashed USD 1000 Demand Draft
Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Bonn via Hanover 14th July 1984 17th July 1984  
Hamburg 17th July 1984 21st July 1984  
Denmark Copenhagen 21st July 1984 23rd July 1984 Ferry crossing from Germany to Denmark
Met Mr. Pierre Bergiers in Ferry, host in Brussels
Sweden 40 Kms. South of Jonnkoping 23rd July 1984 24th July 1984  
  Stockholm 24th July 1984 28th July 1984 Bike breakdown & repair.
Denmark Copenhagen 28th July 1984 29th July 1984 Ferry crossing
Germany Hamburg 29th July 1984 31st July 1984 Motorbike repair – spokes and wheel balancing.
Holland Amsterdam & Hague 31st July 1984 4th August 1984  
Belgium Ranst (Antewerp) 4th August 1984 5th August 1984 Via Rotterdam
Won second prize in Motorbike rally.
  Aartselar (Antewerp) 5th August 1984 6th August 1984  
Clobecq(Near Brussels) and Bruggs 6th August 1984 10th August 1984 Mr. Pierre & Rita Bergiers. 18th marriage anniversary on 6th Aug’84.
Mr. Nikola Georgiev of MOTO'80 took us to Bruggs.
Complimentary bike repair.
Luxembourg Luxembourg City 11th August 1984 13th August 1984 Met SAIL delegation. Mr. S.K.Roy, Addl. Dir. (Ops.), SAIL, A.K.Loomba. Stayed in Hotel Nobilis.
Switzerland Zurich 13th August 1984 16th August 1984 Via Metz
Courtesy Mr. T.Dasgupta.
Joined Independence Day celeberations at Embassy.
Complimentary bike repair.
  Berne 16th August 1984 17th August 1984  
Laussanne 17th August 1984 18th August 1984 Via Vallorbe Caves
Chancy (Geneva) 18th August 1984 19th August 1984 Won 1st Prize in Motorbike rally.
Laussanne, Geneva 19th August 1984 21st August 1984  
France La Mur 21st August 1984 22nd August 1984  
  Nice 22nd August 1984 25th August 1984 Via Route De Napolean (Grenoble Gap).
Monaco Monte Carlo 24th August 1984 24th August 1984  
France Domance Du Bourrain (St. Tropez) 25th August 1984 26th August 1984  
  Montepellier 26th August 1984 28th August 1984  
Spain Barcelona 29th August 1984 31st August 1984 Via Costa Brava.
Met Mr. Blair and Mrs. Lynette Goertzen of Canada traveling on 1150 cc Suzuki in opposite direction.
  Alcaniz 31st August 1984 1st Sept. 1984  
Madrid 1st Sept. 1984 4th Sept. 1984  
  4th Sept. 1984 5th Sept. 1984  
France 50 Kms. South of Bordeaux 5th Sept. 1984 6th Sept. 1984  
  Chateudeux (14 Kms. South of Le Mans) 6th Sept. 1984 7th Sept. 1984  
Versaille (20 Kms. South of Paris) 7th Sept. 1984 12th Sept. 1984 Didier and Francois –chance meeting at Indian embassy.Calais to Dover (English Channel ) by Sea
England London 12th Sept. 1984 16th Sept. 1984 Princess Diana blessed with son.
Met Mr. Swaraj Paul.
  Poole 16th Sept. 1984 18th Sept. 1984 Dr.Anil Narula & family of Aligarh Muslim Univ.
East Retford (Notthinghamshire) 18th Sept. 1984 21st Sept. 1984 Wine brewing by Banerjee.
Via Stonehenge, Stratford Upon Avon, Lincoln Town, Lake Districts (Windermere), , Sherwood forest
Milton Keyens 21st Sept. 1984 22nd Sept. 1984 Stayed at T. Rajkumar. Celeberated his Finance Degree.
London 22nd Sept. 1984 26th Sept. 1984 By air to New York with Motorbike on pallet by. Courtesy Air India Krishna Dev Rai aircraft Boeing 747. Our first international flight in life.
USA New York, New Jersey, Hackensack including Guha’s visit to Boston 26th Sept. 1984 5th Oct. 1984 Release of Motorbike experience without valid Carnet.
  Albany 5th Oct. 1984 8th Oct. 1984 Dr. Mohan & Mala Boolchandani. Supported with USD 100, Thermal unders. She made our hair cut.
Canada Montreal 8th Oct. 1984 10th Oct. 1984  
  Ottawa 10th Oct. 1984 11th Oct. 1984  
Kingston (Queens University) 11th Oct. 1984 12th Oct. 1984  
Toronoto, Including Niagara Falls 12th Oct. 1984 18th Oct. 1984
Vijay Khosla (Deepak Thawani – Gilu’s friend) – got us rear tyre.
Met Mr. Ikemoto Ken Maekawa of Japan Adventure Cycle Club at Niagara.
USA Detroit 18th Oct. 1984 23rd Oct. 1984 Saw Pontiac Fiero GM car plant. Arranged by Mr. V.S. Guha (Bobby’s uncle) & Probir Guha. Got help of USD 450. Motorcycle overhaul experience at Mr. Guha’s home.
  Chicago 23rd Oct. 1984 28th Oct. 1984 Sonia (Babli) – gave USD 200, Got us USD 100 from her office.
Columbus 28th Oct. 1984 29th Oct. 1984  
Pittsburgh 29th Oct. 1984 31st Oct.1984 Mrs. Indira Gandhi shot. Signed condolence book at Indian Embassy.
Washington DC 31st Oct. 1984 4th Nov. 1984  
Raleigh, North Carolina 4th Nov. 1984 6th Nov. 1984  
Shelby 6th Nov. 1984 8th Nov. 1984 Mr. Jaikishan Amar (Mr. C.T.Thawani’s friend). Diwali get together. Got us help of USD 300.
Knoxville 9th Nov. 1984 10th Nov. 1984  
Shelby 10th Nov.’ 1984 12th Nov. 1984 Via Cherokee, Indian Reservation.Attended Diwali get together.
Atlanta 12th Nov.’ 1984 14th Nov. 1984  
Jacksonville 14th Nov.’ 1984 15th Nov. 1984  
Orlando, JFK Space Centre, Disneyworld, EPCOT Centre 15th Nov.’1984 19th Nov.’1984 Return of Space Shuttle
N. Miami Beach 19th Nov.’1984 23rd Nov.’1984 Drove bike on Daytona beach, Marine Land
Ft. Lauderdale 23rd Nov.’1984 25th Nov.’1984  
Tampa, Florida 25th Nov.’1984 26th Nov.’1984  
Tallahasse 26th Nov.’1984 27th Nov.’1984  
New Orleans 27th Nov.’1984 1st Dec. 1984  
Houston 1st Dec. 1984 5th Dec. 1984 Vikram Bhagia. Met Dadi Pari in Houston who had come on visit from India.
Visited NASA space center
San Antonio 5th Dec. 1984 6th Dec. 1984  
Laredo 6th Dec. 1984 7th Dec. 1984 Crossed Laredo & Neuva Laredo border by road into Mexico
Mexico Monterrey 7th Dec. 1984 9th Dec. 1984 Ms. Sara Mejia of Taj Mahal Restaurant, Jeeva Anandham (had seeen our interview in Fursat Mein in Delhi before our flag off. N.Sundar’s mother was Jeeva’s teacher.
  San Louis Potosi 9th Dec. 1984 10th Dec. 1984 Ms. Sara Mejia’s family. Sara’s brother Mr. George took us out.
Mexico City Including Teotihuacan Pyramids 10th Dec. 1984 14th Dec. 1984 ISKON people – Prof. Astika Dassa etc. Ref. Sara. Lunch at Mr. N.P.Jain, Indian Ambassadors’ home.Dinner with Mr. Ajeeth Kumar, IInd Secy.
Veracruz - Laguna Verde 14th Dec. 1984 16th Dec. 1984 Could not go to South America as no ship to take us & motorbike and “ war” going on in Central America – Nicaragua & as advised by Indian Embassy.
Laguna Verde 16th Dec. 1984 17th Dec. 1984 Hiro Vachani, Jaisinghani, Shahi, Singh arranged USD 1001
La Venta 17th Dec. 1984 18th Dec. 1984  
Palenque 18th Dec. 1984 19th Dec. 1984  
Textla Guez 19th Dec. 1984 20th Dec. 1984  
Tiacolulu (20 Kms. South of Oxaca) 20th Dec. 1984 21st Dec. 1984  
Porto Escondido 21st Dec. 1984 23rd Dec. 1984  
Pia De La Cuesta (Acapulco) 23rd Dec. 1984 25th Dec. 1984 Celeberated “ Nevidad” (Christmas Eve)
Cuernavaca 25th Dec. 1984 27th Dec. 1984  
Tasco 27th Dec. 1984 28th Dec. 1984  
Curnevaca 28th Dec. 1984 1st Jan. 1985 New year celeberation with Adnan Guerrero family.
Mexico City 1st Jan. 1985 3rd Jan. 1985  
Monterrey 3rd Jan. 1985 5th Jan 1985 Motor bike breakdown on highway. (Help of Green Angle – 80 Kms.) Meeting Sara again at border.
Laredo, USA 4th Jan 1985 10th Jan 1985 Crossed “ dragging “ the bike. Mr. Gidwani came at mid night to help us tow the bike.
Big bike repair including change of pistons
  Sanderson 10th Jan 1985 11th Jan 1985  
El Paso 11th Jan 1985 12th Jan 1985 Drove in snow fall. 775 Kms. - Maximum distance during entire tour at minus 7 Degree Centigrade.
Phoenix 12th Jan 1985 15th Jan 1985  
Grand Canyon 15th Jan 1985 16th Jan 1985  
Las Vegas 16th Jan 1985 17th Jan 1985  
Los Angeles (Diamond Bar) Hollywood 17th Jan 1985 27th Jan 1985  
San Louis Obispo 27th Jan. 1985 28th Jan. 1985  
San Fransisco 28th Jan. 1985 3rd Feb. 1985 Full repair of motorbike – piston rings, cylinder boring, replacement of chain, tyres etc.
Flying Northwest Orient San Fransisco – Honolulu – Tokyo – Bangkok @ USD 540 per person
Bike by Sea for USD 150.
To Yokohama, Japan on 30th Jan.1985. Reaching Tokyo on 14th Feb. 1985
Honolulu 4th Feb. 1985 7th Feb. 1985 Without bike.
Met Prof. Khubchandani – Centre of Communication Studies Students of East West Centre
Japan Tokyo 8th Feb. 1985 9th Feb. 1985 Episode of stay at Mr. N.K.Singh’s home.
  Kobe 9th Feb. 1985 13th Feb. 1985 By Bullet train. 589 Kms. In 3hours 30 min. Ticket USD 50 per person.
Stay at Mr. Ashok & Sajju Shewa.Helped USD 200.
Tokyo 13th Feb. 1985 21st Feb. 1985 Stayed in Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co. Hostel, with Monks in Buddhist temple.Visited Japanese home. Collected bike on 20th Feb. 1985
Iwata – Shi (Hamamatsu), Shizuoka Ken. 21st Feb. 1985 23rd Feb. 1985 Yamaha Motor bike factory. Tea with General Manager.
USD 100 by Mr. Mohd. Idris, Pakistani who had come for training.
Kyoto 23rd Feb. 1985 24th Feb. 1985  
Kobe 24th Feb. 1985 27th Feb. 1985  
Okazaki (25 Kms. East of Nagoya) 27th Feb. 1985 28th Feb. 1985  
Yokohama 28th Feb. 1985 1st March 1985 Bike Sent by Shipping Corporation of India ship (complimentary) directly to Singapore due to difficulty of getting Malaysian visa.
Handed over bike at Yokohama port (near Tokyo) on 28th Feb. 1985 to Malaysia.
Tokyo 1st March 1985 2nd March 1985 USD 100 support from a friend of Mr. L.D. Thawani.
By air to Bangkok by North West Orient Airlines
Thailand Bangkok 2nd March 1985 6th March 1985  
  Angthong & Ayuthaya 6th March 1985 9th March 1985 Played Holi with Thai Carbon Black & Thai Rayon Staff.
Arranged flight from Bangkok to Singapore by Alitalia.
Bangkok 9th March 1985 10th March 1985  
Pattaya 10th March 1985 12th March 1985  
Bangkok 12th March 1985 13th March 1985 By air by Alitalia. Could not get visa for Malaysia. Met Indian High Commissioner Mr. Gopal Krishna Pillai.
Singapore Singapore 13th March 1985 23rd March 1985 By bus to Malaysia
  Mersing 23rd March 1985 24th March 1985 By Train
Kualalumpur 25th March 1985 27th March 1985  
Kuantan Port (aboard MV Mizoram ship of SCI) 27th March 1985 29th March 1985 Collected Motorbike.
Could not go to Indonesia as no ship to take us & motorbike to the Sumantara mainland.
Kualalumpur 29th March 1985 1st April 1985 By Czekoslovakian airline. Sponsored by Escorts Ltd.
Motorbike airlifted to Bombay on 3rd April 1985.
India Bombay 2nd April 1985 10th April 1985 Welcome by parents. Collected bike on 6th April 1985.
  Islampur (65 Kms. South of Kolhapur) 10th April 1985 11th April 1985  
Hiriya (Karnataka) 11th April 1985 12th April 1985 Guha’s gift watch for Father got stolen from PWD Guesthouse
Perumbudur (140 Kms. West of Madras) 12th April 1985 13th April 1985 Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in this city many years later.
Madras 13th April 1985 15th April 1985 Welcome by Escorts at Hotel Chola Sheraton. Meeting with Dunlop for advertisement.
Chilakalurpeta (Andhra Pradesh) 15th April 1985 16th April 1985  
Sukma 16th April 1985 17th April 1985 Minor accident. Hit a Calf.
Bhilai 17th April 1985 22nd April 1985 Reached on time at 4.30 pm. Police stationed at all entry points into Bhilai to inform Management. Welcome by many friends at Shivnath Dhaba, Durg and then by Mr. K.R.Sangameswaran, B.V.Kudva, MD & GM, Bhilai Steel Plant.
  22nd April 1985 23rd April 1985  
Agra 23rd April 1985 24th April 1985 Stayed at Mohnani’s place.
New Delhi 24th April 1985   Reached on time at 4.30 pm.
Welcome by Mr. S. Samarpungavan, Chairman, SAIL at Ispat Bhawan, Delhi and called on Mr. Vasant Sathe and Natwar Singh, Hon’ble Ministers of Steel & Mines.
Called on Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India on 3rd May 1985.
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