Cities Visited People / Memorable Event
Delhi Flag off Mr. N.K.P.Salve, Hon’ble Steel Minister from SAIL head office, Ispat Bhawan, Delhi
Bhilai Flag off Mr. S.R.Ramakrishna & Mr. Nimai Kumar Mitra, GM & MD, Ispat Bhawan, Bhilai
Arvi Crossing through Bhiwandi riots
Bombay Aboard M.V. Vishwamohini, Mr. Prashant
Port Said Sea Port Sudden info that we have to leave the ship right now ( 3 am) instead of next day.
Celarance of customs & immigration experience.
Ramadaan period
Arranging air for tyres
Cairo Met Mr. Alfred Gonsalves, Ambassador.
Skid and Accident, Theft of spares – reporting to police.
Tent poles forgotten in Youth hostel
Met Alex Simon of Air Canada on river Nile. Hosted us in Toronto.
Met one boy “ Ashraf” was very helpful (Ref. Picture post card with Sunil)
Mr. Barbary, Technotraders Co. (Ref. Chakrapani) gave us Egy. Pounds 50.
Alexandria Mr. Elias Costandi, Air India, got us cheap Alexandria – Patras sea passage.
Bike fine for not having Arabic number plate for bike
Athens Mr. Mike Tsoukias of Federation Hellenique, Athens – Gave us Tent poles
Mr. Kamal, had lunch with him.
Mrs. Malaspina, Hellenic Red Cross.
Patras Met Niny & Willem. Hosts in Holland
Brindisi Sea Port Bike insurance had to pay very high premium
Rome & Vatican Blessed by Pope on 24th June’84.
Dr. R.N.Roy of FAO., Mr. Ajmani, indian Ambassador
Florence (Firenze) Prof. Antonio & Mrs. Michelle Naim, Centro Yoga.
Stay arranged by Indian Ambassador Mr. Ajmani.Dr. Benjamin Pushparaj – had dinner.
Stayed in 300 year old house
Venice Mrs. Pellizou Fanny, Stayed at their Yoga school in Venezia Lido. Arranged by President of Yoga center.
Leoben Camped in Tent in compound of a family.
Vienna Met Neeta Tolani.Mr. A.K.Jain, (Ref. K.C.Jain of Escorts) Vienna.Also met Mr. Sethi at his home.
Stayed in Studetnhaus in Vienna – Mr. Peter Solderitz – arranged by Ms. Uma Iyer of Indian Embassy.
Mr. Ghosh of Air India.
Linz & Salzburg Courtesy D.R.K. Rao, S.K.Dutt, Elizabeth Grubber, Christine Mittermaya
Claus Muir, Photographer of “ Kronen zeitung” (Newspaper)
Gerestried (Near Munich) Stayed with Kapurs (Ref. S.K. Chopra, Sunil's neighbour)
Ditzingen (Near Stuttgart) Debi Aditya
Frankfurt Stayed with Mahinder Singh Sammi (Gilu’s ref.) Visit to Saxenhausen
B.S.Dadlani, Director, Govt. of India Tourist office.
Elke Beckmann, Air India office.
Encashed USD 1000 Demand Draft
Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Bonn via Hanover Stayed with Mr. Sanjeev Sinha of M.N.Dastur.
Met Mr. Anil Kapoor of MN Dastur.
Hamburg Stayed with Dilip Chhatwani
Naval Advani. Daughter Sonu.
Motorbike repair – spokes and wheel balancing. Rudiger Willmann, Motorrad Roers, Hamburg.
Copenhagen Meeting Mr. Pierre Bergiers in Ferry, host in Brussels
Mr. Suresh & B.M.Mahajan, Indian Embassy.
40 Kms. South of Jonnkoping Camping. Early morning dusk feeling at 3.30 am
Stockholm Bike breakdown on way to Stockholm
Mr. R.Banerjee & Dilip Ray in Indian Embassy
Mr. Chibba’s Pensionate Oden, (brother of Bhilai hotel restaurant owner).
Mr. Bengt Lindwall, MD & Mr. Bertil Ahlm, Exec. Vice president, G.A.C.Shipping Ltd. (Gamla Stan hotel, financial help) – Ref. Mr. M.Viswanathan of Calcutta.
Anders Haggaud, M.C.Garaget, Mechanic changed all spokes.
Amsterdam & Hague Niny & Willem,
Met. Indian Ambassador – Mrs. Kochaar. First Secy. – Mr. Biswas, Iind Secy.
Dr. Bhalla – Secy. Genl. Foundation of Critical Choices for India, Hague – Had Dinner.
Ranst (Antewerp) Ms. Marjan De Buyst Won second prize in Motorbike rally:
Houtmeyers Stany of Lummen, Johan of Heusden – Zolder etc.etc.
Made friends – Benny, Linda, Lummen (Limburg). visited us in Delhi, Bhilai
Aartselar (Antewerp) Courtesy Mr. R. Banerjee of Esso (Ref. Mr. M.R.Punja)
R.Mailk – attended his son’s birthday – thru Mr. R. Banerjee of Esso
Clobecq(Near Brussels) and Bruggs Mr. Pierre & Rita Bergiers. Warm red carpet welcome. 18th marriage anniversary on 6th Aug’84.
Wine Cellar.
Phillipe Jaumotte, Tubize – English Teacher. Got feel of his 1300 cc Yamaha bike.
Meeting their friends in central square.
Met Mr. Eric Gonsalves, Ambassador & P.P.Shukla, 1st Secy.
Mr. Nikola Georgiev Of Moto’80 took us to Bruggs.
Leo Van der Linden, Asstt. Editor, AutoKrant magazine.
J.P.Allousius & Christian Duponchelle, D’leteren Sports, Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer, Braine le Chateau. (Near Clobecq)
Luxembourg City Mr. S.K.Roy, Addl. Dir. (Ops.), SAIL, A.K.Loomba.
Mr. Wietol, M/s Paul wurth S.A.
Stayed in Hotel Nobilis.
Zurich Mr. Triptimoy Dasgupta & Mrs. Dagma Das Gupta (Artist – Calcutta village drawings)
Joined Independence Day celeberations at Embassy.
Complimentary bike repair – Mr. Peter (Mechanic) and Mr. Hasler (Owner), Hasler Sports A.G. – Changed our engine.
Mrs. Gretl Girt, Mrs. Dasgupta’s auntie.
Berne Stayed with Mr. Y.P. Motwani of Indian Embassy
Laussanne Mr. D.D.Meghrajani, Ref. N.C.Bhambhani of Bhilai
Chancy (Geneva) Won 1st Prize in Motorbike rally. Met Miss Christine Martin of Onex.
Sent thru Air India office (I think Ms. G. Claire – She was then Air India Mgr at N. Delhi)
Meeting Michael Pol, 23 Av. Morgines, 1213 Petit – Lancy, Geneva (Ref. Picture post card with Sunil)
Mrs. Liaquat Ali (Mrs. Sehba Ali) of WHO.
Mr. Thomas Abraham, Ambassador.
Monte Carlo Mr. Roger Lechner, President of Federation of MotorCyclist, Europe
Nice Arul, stayed with him. Worked in Indian restaurant.
Mr. Marc Mauger, Air India office. Had kept our baggage.
Montepellier Ms. Ellen Hummel experience
50 Kms. South of Bordeaux Tasted wines from vineyards
Versaille (20 Kms. South of Paris) Didier and Francois – chance meeting at Indian embassy.
Bernard Iserentant, Sales Manager, Cedex, Paris.
Barcelona Arjun Nathurmal & Pishu Lalwani. Stayed in their hotel.
Enric Clara & Joseph Codina of Solo Moto. Ref. Pierre Bergiers.
Met Mr. Blair and Mrs. Lynette Goertzen of Canada traveling on 1150 cc Suzuki in opposite direction. Box 174, Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada TOMOJO
Madrid Amarendra Khatua & Ashwini Gupta of Indian Embassy.
Shyam Karani, President, Indian Association.
R.Martinez, M/s S.A.C.O.E.X.
London Stay with Mr. S.K.Marwah of State Trading Corporation.
Princess Diana blessed with son.
Met Mr. Swaraj Paul.Manorma Prasad, Ref. Rakesh Asthana
K.D.Golikeri (Hindujas) & Sidhwa (Ref. D.D.Menghrajani of Laussanne)
Dr. S. Chatterjee (Ref. A.Banerjee of Dasturs)
By air to New York with Motorbike on pallet by. Courtesy Air India Krishna Dev Rai aircraft Boeing 747. Our first international flight in life.
Poole Dr.Anil & Anita Narula & family of Aligarh Muslim Univ.
East Retford (Notthinghamshire) Mr. A.K.Banerjee of M.N.Dastur & Co. Daughters – Anita & Sumita.
Wine brewing by Banerjee.
Jeff Hill, Director Sales, Flowgates, Sheffield (Ref. S.R.Chakrapani)
Milton Keyens Stayed at T. Rajkumar. Met his family, celebrated his Finance Degree.
New York, New Jersey, Hackensack including Guha’s visit to Boston Release of Motorbike experience without valid Carnet.
USD 10 handed onver by Ms. Patricia Ansari Gee, American lady met in a restaurant during lunch hosted by Mr. Gopalkrishan & Doshi & Sunil Sarna of Dasturs’s Engg. Intl.
Mr. Hardas & Asha Jethani (Sonia Thawaney’s aunt)
Mr. Nand Thakur (Mrs. Deepak Thawani sister's husband)
Dr. Anil Sehgal
Mr. K.M.Ghosh (Bobby’s relative)
Mr. S.K.Dutta of State Trading Corprn. (stayed with him)
Mr. Samar Ghosh, stayed with him one night in New Jersey (Bobby’s relation)
Albany Dr. Mohan & Mala Boolchandani Supported with USD 100. She made our hair cut.
Montreal Bimal Dutta. (Mr. Debi Aditya’s brother in law.)
Ottawa Mr. P.C.Paikera. Daughters – Kunti, Kirti, Amrit. Ref. M.R.Punja.
Anju – Indian High Commission.
Mr. Srinath Govur, Mr. Paikera’s friend. Helped Dollars 40
Kingston (Queens University) Indira Guha
Toronoto, Including Niagara Falls Alex Simon & Debbie of Air Canada met on river Nile in Cairo, Pronob Guha
Vijay Khosla (Deepak Thawani – Gilu’s friend) – horse racing, got us rear tyre.
Met Mr. Ikemoto Ken Maekawa of Japan Adventure Cycle Club at Niagara.
Detroit Saw Pontiac Fiero GM car plant. Arranged by Mr. U. S. Guha (Bobby’s uncle) & Probir Guha. Help of USD 450. Motorcycle overhaul experience at Mr. Guha’s home. Mr. Don Lusk, Elect. Engr, K & W Yamaha, fixed our bike.
Dr. Khosnobis & Mrs. Meena, Daughter – Shobha.
Chicago Sanju & Sonia (Babli) – gave USD 200, Got us USD 100 from her office.
Lancaster (Ohio) Columbus Dr. P.K.Pandya (Ref. G.K.Mehta of Bhilai) - Lancaster (Ohio)
Prof. B.Chandrasekharen [ Prof. Of computer science)
Pittsburgh Mr. Sanjoy & Mrs. Srinanda Ghose – studying PhD. At Carnegie Mellon Univ. (Ref. Khasnobis. ) stayed with them. Sanjoy friends – Mr. Prithsesh Basu & Suchismita, Srikrishna Ushasi Singh.
Mrs. Indira Gandhi shot. Signed condolence book at Indian Embassy.
Washington DC Mr. Sundar & Vaishali Shetty, (Ref. Khasnobis. ) stayed with them.
Mr. Inderjeet Singh (Kugi) Ref. Deepak Thawani
Raleigh, North Carolina Mr. Ramesh Mathur, Children – Chetan, Chhotu, Sandip (Ref. Khasnobis. ) stayed with them.
Met Dean Dr. Carl F. Zorowski, Associate Dean of Engg., NCSU, Motor racing enthusiast.
Gastonia (Shelby) N.C. Mr. Jaikishan Amar & Mrs. Pushpa (Mr. C.T.Thawani’s friend). Got us help of USD 300.
Knoxville Dr. A.Chatterjee & Mrs. Kalpana, Daughters – Ranee & Sanjukta (Ref. Khasnobis. ) stayed with them.
Shelby Via Cherokee, Indian Reservation.
Attended Diwali get together.
Mr. Art Jackson – Interviewer, Exec. Director, Uptown Shelby Assocn.
Atlanta Stayed with Dr. C.M. Shetty (Ref. Mr. M.R.Punja)
Jacksonville Stayed with Mr. Priyani (U S Sindhi Directory ref.)
Orlando, JFK Space Centre, Disneyworld, EPCOT Centre Return of Space Shuttle
Stayed with Dr. Jayaram Shetty, (Ref. Mr. M.R.Punja)
Halloween party – Ms. Lois Kile.
Mr. Sita Ram Aggarwal & Mrs. Paru (Ref. Dr. C.M.Shetty)
N. Miami Beach Drove bike on Daytona beach, Marine Land
Ft. Lauderdale Mr. Mahabala & Mrs. Vijaya Shetty. Stayed with them.
Mr. Peter Modigan, Australian Service Mgr. Of New Wegs (Yamaha motorbike shop)
Tampa, Florida Jay Kumar Mr. Harjani (US Sindhi Directory ref.) – put us up in hotel.
Tallahasse Mr. A.K. (Ben) Sharma & Mrs. Kanika. Stayed with them.
Luisiana (New Orleans) Stay courtesy Mr. Bobby & Mrs. Priya Mirchandani, children – Puja & Amit (Ref. Amar Jaikishan)
Mr. Chuck Patel, got us air filter for bike.
Superdome visit – Ms.Maria James.
Houston Vikram Bhagia, Suresh Bhagia. Met Dadi Pari in Houston who had come on visit from India.
Deepak Thawani
Visited NASA space center
Mr. S.R.Das – student of Univ. of Houston – Bobby’s friend.
San Antonio Dr. H.N.Kumara (Ref. Mr. P.C.Paikera) – stayed with them. Villa up in the woods.
Met Mrs. Ambuja Jyothi at their home – supported us with USD 30/-
Mr. Jitu Patel, stayed in his hotel on complimentary basis. Ref. Chuck Patel.
Laredo Stayed with Mr. Gary (Gulu) & Mrs. Poonam Gidwani , daughter – Manju (US Sindhi Directory ref.).Extended lot of help.
Crossed Laredo & Neuva Laredo border by road into Mexico.
Monterrey Ms. Sara Mejia of Taj Mahal Restaurant, Jeeva Anandham (had seeen our interview in Fursat Mein in Delhi before our flag off. N.Sundar’s mother was Jeeva’s teacher.
After interview team had come to Tajmahal restaurant after dinner to know more about India.
Motor bike breakdown on highway. (Help of Green Angle – 80 Kms.) Jose Mata Padron – towed our bike Green Angel along with Mr. Van & Salvador Gomez Lopez.
Meeting Sara again at border.
San Louis Potosi Ms. Sara Mejia’s family. Sara’s brother Mr. George took us out.
Mexico City Including Teotihuacan Pyramids ISKON people – Prof. Astika Dassa, Brajwasi, Vaisnava Seva Dassa, Vrindavana Devi Dasi, Vishnu (kid), Arundhati (Adrianne Nunez), Apurva Das & their kid Nityananda etc. Ref. Sara. Gold chain to Guha.
Lunch at Mr. N.P.Jain, Indian Ambassadors’ home. Daughter – Nidhi.
Dinner with Mr. Ajeeth Kumar, IInd Secy.
El Norte newspaper - Miss Jacqueline Lerma, Miss Maria Elena Sanchez Carrillo, Felipe, Hedit,
Veracruz - Laguna Verde Could not go to South America as no ship to take us & motorbike and “ war” going on in Central America – Nicaragua & as advised by Indian Embassy.
Laguna Verde Hiro Vachani, Jaisinghani, Raghuvir Shahi, M. Parmar, and many others.
USD 1001
Palenque Miss Judith Salinas Montes, Minerva Coday Flores, Silvia Maya, Lilia Gregor – students of Archeology.
Porto Escondido Maria Estella, Jose Luis Adan Guerrero – Good luck penny.
Pia De La Cuesta (Acapulco) Met Carolina (Ref. Picture post cards with Sunil)
Celeberated “ Nevidad” (Christmas Eve)
Tasco Mrs. Maria Diaz De Cordero – Silver Beauty Queen of Tasco
Curnevaca New year celeberation with Adnan Guerrero and his full family – about 40 members.
Yolanda – friend of Maria Estella
Laredo, USA Crossed “ dragging “ the bike . Mr. Gidwani came at mid night to help us tow the bike.
Big bike repair including change of pistons
El Paso Mr. Deepak Vaswani & his nephew – Mr. Sunil Vaswani – made us stay in motel. (US Sindhi directory)
Drove in snow fall. 775 Kms. – Maximum during entire tour in minus 7 Degree Centigrade.
Phoenix Stayed Dr. Gyan & Duru Khubchandani, Children – Sujata, Navina, Zubin (Aunt of Dilip Chhatwani of Germany)
Mr.Madhukar Nagarkar, Tempe (Ref. Hiro Vachani of Mexico)
Grand Canyon Met David and Fawn Baron, 725, Kenmare Road, BalaCynwyd, Pa – 19004, USA.
Imax film “ Grand Canyon – The Hidden Secrets”
Los Angeles (Diamond Bar) Hollywood Mr. Sujit Roy & Mr. Ashok Roy, Wifes – Roma & Jaya (Stayed with them)
A.Duvvuri (D.R.K. Rao’s brother in law)
Mr. Gopi Advani (Ref. Jaikishan Amar – stayed with them for 1 night at Freemonth)
Ms. Deena Burnham, met at McDonalds,Victoria, California.
Mr. Gene Schroeder, Paul & Bill of La Habra Yamaha, La Habra – fixed our bike.
Mr. Clement Salvadori, Managing Editor, Road Rider, Interviewed us. He also went around the world on bike.
Mr. Ed Abella, Customer Service Rep., Yamaha Motor Cycle Corprn.
Mr. Prasun Guha Biswas, Irvine, UCLA – stayed with him.
San Louis Obispo Mr. D.P.Patel & Mr. B.C.Patel, had dinner with them & made us stay in Mr. Kirit Patel’s motel.
San Fransisco Dr. Arobindo & Dr. (Mrs.) Pronobi Nandi (stayed with them) – California T – shirts
Full repair of motorbike – piston rings, cylinder boring, replacement of chain, tyres etc.
Mr. Sadhu Khatwani
Flying Northwest Orient San Fransisco – Honolulu – Tokyo – Bangkok @ USD 540 per person
Bike by Sea for USD 150.
To Yokohama, Japan on 30th Jan.1985. Reaching Tokyo on 14th Feb. 1985.
Mr. Charles B.Kennedy & Ms. Evan, General Lines Manager,SCI shipping agents – got us lower freight rates for bike.
Mrs. Anita Zering, met in China Town, resident of Chicago.
Mr. Rishpal Singh, Consul Genl of India.
Mr. Rothin Sinha, student of Univ. of Berkely.
Honolulu Without bike. Stayed with Indian students – Mr. Ujjayanta Chakraborty, Mr. Arun & Mrs. Indira Kashyap, Ms. Raji, K.Ravishankar, Mrs. Rupa.
Mr. Greg Trifonovitch, Director, Culture of learning Institute (Prof. Khubchandani – Centre of Communication Studies)
Students of East West Centre
Mr. David Watumall, Hon. Consul Genl of India. Supported us with USD 100.
Ms. Francine Poling, met during our trip around the island bus trip.
Tokyo Episode of stay at Mr. N.K.Singh’s home.
Mr. Kazuo Sasaki, Asstt. Mgr. - Stayed in Mitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co. Hostel.
Mr. Kudo – Warden - Watch gifted by him.
Stay & prayers with Monks in Buddhist temple. Participation in nuclear free world rally.
Visited Japanese home – Mr. Kazumasa Senga and family.
Dr. Moinuddin Malik (Aligarh Muslim Univ.) & Dr. A.K.Gupta – stayed with them.
Collected bike on 20th Feb. 1985
Y. Nakajima, Matsuzaka Co. Ltd., Had lunch with him. Ref. Mr. A.S.N.Sastry.
Mr. Fredhelm Schmitz, Vice president, Klockner Nippon Ltd. Hosted lunch.USD 100 support from Mr………Ref. Mr. L.D. Thawani.
S.Nagarajan, Engineers India Ltd., Hosted dinner.
By air to Bangkok by North West Orient Airlines.
Kobe By Bullet train. 589 Kms. In 3hours 30 min. Ticket USD 50 per person.
Stay at Mr. Ashok & Sajju Shewa.Helped USD 200.
Mr. J.Ray, Dasturs.
1001 Buddha statues temple
Iwata – Shi (Hamamatsu), Shizuoka Ken. Yamaha Motor bike factory. Mr. H. Tanaka, K. Takashima. Yamaha jackets
Tea with GM (Mktg. Div II) – Mr. Hirosh O hara.
Mohd. Idris (Pakistani) – Chief Mechanic, AlBadi Trading, Doha, Qatar, “ gifted” USD 100
Miss Miyuki Nakagaura
Miss Yamazaki – Green Heights Hotel.
Kyoto Miss Yoshiko Sakiyama and many others. Met at Heina temple in Kyoto.
Miss Shoko Kanada, worked in Kyoto Youth Hostel.
Okazaki (25 Kms. East of Nagoya) Mr. Koichi Yao – Vice Chief photographer, Sankei Newspaper, Osaka.
Yokohama Bike Sent by Shipping Corporation of India ship (complimentary) directly to Singapore due to difficulty of getting Malaysian visa. Mr. S.Ikeda – SCI agent in Yokhama.
Handed over bike at Yokohama port (near Tokyo) on 28th Feb. 1985 to Malaysia.
Bangkok Anant Chand (Gor ji of Gorakhpur) – arranged our stay.
Kob ji of Janata Enterprises R.O.P. & Ram Asre Upadhyay.
Mr. Boomyen friend of CS Rajbanshi. Had Thai dinner with him
Hindu Samaj Dev Mandir – Tiwari & Sugreev.
By air by Alitalia. Could not get visa for Malaysia
Met Indian High Commissioner Mr. Gopal Krishna Pillai.
Angthong & Ayuthaya Met Mr. C.S.Rajbanshi, Mgr – Maint. ex Aligarh Muslim Univ.
Thomas Koshy, Vice president & many others. Played Holi with Thai Carbon Black & Thai Rayon Staff. Arranged flight from Bangkok to Singapore by Alitalia.
Singapore Dr. Nikhil & Mrs. Jhurma Das Gupta, Daughter – Romi, Prof. Univ. of Singapore.
By bus to Malaysia.
Mr. S.G.Mathur & Mr. Munshi, Mgr – SCI.Inder R. Vig, CEO, Escorts Ltd.
Gopal Krishan Pillai, High Commissioner of India & S.A.Subbaiah.
Mersing By Train
Kualalumpur Malik Kadir, Mohd. Norzain Holdings, Arranged our stay in YMCA – Ref. Mr. K. Sasaki of Tokyo
Abdul Aziz Kadir (Ref. G.Lobo of Maharashtra Electrosmelts.)
By Czekoslovakian airline. Sponsored by Escorts Ltd.
Rama & Mrs. Helma – crated our bike & made us stay in their home. & their friend N.S.Ragu
Ranjit Sethi – Ambassador, Pandey 1st Secy & son in law of V.C.Shukla.
Motorbike airlifted to Bombay on 3rd April 1985.
Kuantan Port (aboard MV Mizoram - SCI) Collected Motorbike.
Could not go to Indonesia as no ship to take us & motorbike to Sumantara mainland.
Bombay Welcome by parents. Collected bike on 6th April 1985.
Hiriya (Karnataka) Guha’s gift watch for Father got stolen from PWD Guesthouse
Perumbudur (140 Kms. West of Madras) Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated here in year….
Madras Welcome by Escorts at Hotel Chola Sheraton.
Meeting with Dunlop for advertisement. Addressed gathering. Someone stole our gift presented by Escorts.
Sukma Minor accident. Hit a Calf.
Bhilai Meeting friends at Ras Marra.
Reached on time at 4.30 pm. Police stationed at all entry points into Bhilai to inform Management Welcome by Mr. K.R.Sangameswaran, B.V.Kudva, MD & GM, Bhilai Steel Plant.
Agra Last night before completing world tour - stayed at Mohnani’s place.
New Delhi Reached on time at 4.30 pm.
Welcome by Mr. S. Samarpungavan, Chairman, SAIL at Ispat Bhawan, Delhi
Called on Mr. Vasant Sathe and Natwar Singh, Hon’ble Ministers of Steel & Mines.
Called on Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India.
Worldwide On Wheels