The idea of a world tour on motor cycle took place in our minds in June 1983. It did not hit us suddenly but rather grew naturally, as a matter of course-given our common love for nature, adventure, traveling, meeting people, and of course, motor cycles. Here was something that, for some time at least would quench our thirst for the above all at once. Here was a challenge which would test all our aptitudes, resource fullness, ingenuity and more in facing a wide range of situations and overcoming myriad problems within a short span of time.

Magnanimously , the Bhilai Steel Plant Management gave us the opportunity to go ahead with the project, and with the enthusiastic support of people we met all over the country what was but an idea an year ago will be concrete reality come May ’84.

Personally, we stand to gain beyond measure from this venture. A constant exposure to risks, test of endurance and uncertainities will enhance our management and leadership qualities by increasing our risk taking and decisions making abilities and by giving us tremendous self confidence. Meeting and dealing with a vide variety of people will add years to our experience and will help develop our personalities with a much broader outlook.

Besides the obvious charm in seeing images formed from yellowing History and Geography books leap alive before our very own eyes, the tour will also open our minds. To the cultural, social, economic and industrial developments and differences all over the world.

During our tour, we shall make it a point to meet the maximum number of local people wherever we are so as to ensure a continuous exchange of ideas. We intend to take along with us slides and films about India. Showing traditional India to ensure a positive and substantial exposure of our great country. We shall be abroad as moving ambassadors of good will of our country, with the message of friendship and fraternity with the people of all the nations of the world. Thus this trip will do its own bit for the cause of international peace and understanding.

During our tour we shall do a lot of photography, and keep meticulous notes and on our return shall try to publish our experiences as our humble contribution towards the promotion of adventure in Indian youth.
Worldwide On Wheels